Castaway Fly Fishing Shop


When you boil it down, fishing is really about simplicily. We
at Loop want you to have fully functional and working gear to help you fish mora effective and with greater joy. The Idea Is simple enough bul to gel there Is a winding road paved with experience, fresh ideas and uncoil rilable hours of hard tests and evaluations. Luckily we have some of the best fly fishers around to help us out Together we develop the products that are allowed to carry our brand - Loop


As a modern fly fisher you should have high demands on your equipment.
For us this is obvious, as obvious as Loop rods should be of the highest standard. We would never put our brand on ready made blanks. We make our own rods with pride and with a knowledge that comes from a long experience in flyfishing. “Fly rods developed by fly fishers for fly fishers.”


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