Learning a new and effective way to fish has never been so easy.  Our 4 hour Fly Fishing on the Course events will give you the information you need to approach the water with confidence.  You'll learn skills you can build on when you book a future trip or venture out on the lake by yourself. 

We currently have two dates on the books for June.  Tuesday the 9th from 12pm to 3pm and Thursday the 11th from 3pm - 6pm.  The cost is $99/person.  You're welcome to use your own equipment or we can provide. 

During these introductory classes you will learn about the equipment.  How each piece works and goes together, terminology for the equipment and what is needed in different fishing scenarios. You'll also learn the basics of the bug/fish life cycle.  Fly Fishing revolves around the "Hatch."  If you know which bugs and where the fish are feeding you'll have the best chance of catching them.  Once you've learned the basics you'll be shown and taught different casting techniques.  
If you miss these opportunities, you can sign up for one of our regular Fly Fishing 101 courses in Coeur d'Alene. More exclusive Hayden Country Club Dates are coming soon!


07/28/2016 8:54am

Agree with you every one is on learning process on every stage of life. We can learn different skills from the things happening around us.

12/27/2016 4:44am

I never learn how to fish even though my dad knows how. In fact, he's good at it. I ask him before if he could teach me how to fish but he just told me that I'm too young for it. Now that I'm older, I decided to learn by myself. It's good that I can just enroll and have someone teach me. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to the knowledge and skills I will be having once I'm done with the classes.


I never tried to catch a flying fish or even a fish. After reading the information posted here, I feel that I can try. Hopefully, I will catch a small fish and make a name for myself.

09/06/2016 12:59pm

Fly fishing? I've never heard about it. Thank you for this post. I should visit this course.


I miss this opportunities sooo much! But I have no time for this now(

01/10/2017 5:28pm

Great stuff here


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