As I savor the fresh strawberries from my garden, the ones the kids didn’t eat right after picking, I realized this is only one of many areas sweet about living in the Inland Northwest.  Yes we have wild huckleberries that abound during the summer months.  Yes we have beautiful scenery.  But what is truly sweet, the trout fishing. 

The berry many associate with this area is the Huckleberry.  Many have tried and failed to cultivate huckleberries for commercial/residential growth.  Some things are meant to stay wild and grow where they want.  This is true for our native black tail cutthroat trout.  These beautiful fish can’t be found anywhere other than the Coeur d’Alene River. 

These sweet fish are a great catch and a beauty to see.  The native huckleberries, while elusive to find are a beauty to eat. So plan to invest the time in both sweets this summer: huckleberries and black tail cutthroat trout. The river is currently fishing great.  We’re using smaller equipment; smaller flies and smaller tippet materials. 

Now if only I can get the small hands to stop eating my strawberries before I can get to them.


07/06/2015 7:49am

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08/17/2015 12:40am

I am a fan of trout fishing. My dad has brought me to several fishing trips. He just let me finish my writing assignments before he called me to try my hands on fishing. Fishing relaxes me. Up to college when I had to write my thesis, my girlfriend and I traveled to a nearby fishing site. She was busy catching fish, while I was focused on my laptop for my thesis. It worked. From that day, we keep coming back and have tried other fishing sites as well.

07/09/2015 4:02am

These two hobbies I like most of all. I like to pick berries as I adore eating them, I like fishing because that is the best time to realx. it helps to receive new forces for the health.

I am strawberry lover. The best moment for this would be through late spring and untimely summer when strawberries are at their mountain. It is also immense to take to potlucks or to pleasure the family.

08/16/2015 6:28am

huckleberry are south american's favorite, and most of the people would preserve it for more than 2 months. I am sure everyone will also love the taste of this unique berry, it's kind'a different but it tastes good. People, this is a must try!

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