Welcome to the age of technology!  Technology, is not what Joe does best.  A recent "Field and Stream" article entitled, Three ways to determine if a guide or lodge is worthy of your money, tells Fly Fishermen to look for Social Media presence, Website look and feel, and to ask questions directly to the guide or in our case the Shop.  If “Field and Stream” validates us then we must be okay.  Well not Castaway Fly Fishing Shop directly, but the changes being made for 2015 have been validated. 

An increased web presence we’re working on.  However, what makes Castaway Fly Fishing Shop the place to go is Joe’s direct communication with his customers.  Only so much of Joe’s depth of knowledge can be portrayed online.  He can give river updates, tell you the type of equipment you’ll need for the environment you’re in, explain why LOOP Tackle kicks the pants off other equipment for sale; but you’ll miss a great deal of information if you limit your total interaction to looking at a screen. 

Information is something Joe has in abundance.  As a long time guide and customer once said about him, “You need a white board to follow along.”  As the world of Fly Fishing continues to merge with the age of digital interaction and global presence, the balance between deep love and connection to the sport and keeping customers "updated" will have to be maintained.  So be patient as Joe gets back into the swing of posting photos to Instagram or Tweeting (@looparmy).   Never hesitate to call him so he can convince you there is no greater interaction with the beauty of nature than casting a line to a hungry fish.



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